Bubulcus & Bolotas Camping

Experience nature with all senses

Bubulcus & Bolotas Camping

Experience nature with all senses

About Us

We are Tânia and Waldemar and we have made our dream come true!

Bubulcus & Bolotas

Our dream was to create a place where nature and tranquility can be truly experienced. Therefore we have been setting up an ecological camping site with a comfortable holiday home, all solidly anchored on sustainability in all its aspects.

The idea was to give it the character of an extensive nature camping site, where the campers are well separated from each other, much alike the camp grounds that exist in some of the National Parks in the USA. For that we have purchased a terrain of 7.5 ha of long untouched Mediterranean forest near Vimieiro in the municipality of Arraiolos (Portugal).

It is in the middle of nowhere and it is in the middle of nothing. That means that even basic needs like water and electricity were installed from scratch. We strive for a minimal environmental impact and try to be as authonomous as possible.

As you can understand this was not realized within a few weeks. To keep family, friends, supporters and acquaintances updated, we decided to start a blog from the moment that we emigrated to Portugal. We thought it would be a great way to keep everyone informed of the ups and downs of this project, and at the same time get your feedback. Now that we are open, we will still keep the blog running. So please, check out our BLOG. If you want us to keep you informed and send you an e-mail whenever there is news, please leave your e-mail address at: info@BBcamping.eu.

Bubulcus & Bolotas Mission

Bubulcus & Bolotas offers to nature lovers and anyone that seeks tranquillity, an opportunity to experience an intimate and authentic contact with nature, in a camping site with much individual space and in a comfortable holiday home, all founded on sustainability in all its aspects.


The Alentejo province of Portugal is a typical interior Iberian Peninsula environment. It is a largely agricultural and very open landscape. Within this environment there are still areas of untouched Mediterranean forest with many oak species and shrubs. It is within such a forest area that the camping site is situated, in a style that preserves the tranquillity and the feeling of being in the middle of nature. Therefore the concept of extensive camping has been chosen, which means that each guest has space around him. In the park there is space for 25 campers and a comfortable holiday home. There is also a visitors center, with information about nature, the region and sustainability. We have made cycling and walking routes that are available to our guests.


Sustainability is the key word for the park. It is worked out for several aspects.
Energy: All electricity is generated with PV solar panels. Illumination is done by LED lighting. Heating of the holiday home is done in small efficient wood stoves. The consumption for heating in winter and for cooling in summer is minimal, owing to the use of thick layers of insulation materials, leading to very high thermal insulation values. Water is heated by solar water heating systems.

Water: Water is pumped up from subterranean source. For the envisaged number of guests there is ample water available. All equipment is installed with water saving devices, f.i double flushing system on the toilets and water saving showers. The water effluents are kept separate as “black water” that is going through septic tank systems and as “grey water” that is used for a subterranean irrigation system. Rainwater is captured and stored for use in the dry periods (for instance, for the swimming pool).

Soil: The impact on the soil is minimized. All “buildings” are installed on small pillars, founded on the granite rocks in the terrain. For the tenting and caravan grounds a rotation system is used, allowing the soil flora and fauna to recover after a period of use.

Waste management: In the park there are separate containers for paper, glass, metal, plastic and other waste streams. These separated waste streams are transferred to the “Ecopontos” (waste stations) of the municipality.

Visual: The exterior facades of buildings are of medium density expanded cork boards. This nature product will get grey by the UV light and will have a colour and structure very similar to the barks of the surrounding trees. Therefore the whole aspect of the buildings allows for them to be visually taken up by the landscape.

Local economy: The local economy benefits from the park. First of all by bringing extra clients to the local shops and businesses and by articulating trips for the guests in the areas of enology, gastronomy, cultural heritage, walking tours and cycling tours.

Education: Bubulcus & Bolotas is an example of sustainability put into practice. It is communicated as such with schools. We also aim to attract educational trips for any organization interested in sustainability.