Who we are

We are Tânia (Biologist) and Waldemar (Forestry Engineer) and we are passionate about nature. After having worked in research for more than 20 years each, we decided for a change. We have made our dream come true.

Our dream was to create a place where nature and tranquility can be truly experienced. Therefore we have been setting up an ecological camping site with a comfortable holiday home, all solidly anchored on sustainability in all its aspects.

The idea was to give it the character of an extensive nature camping site, where the campers are well separated from each other, much alike the camp grounds that exist in some of the National Parks in the USA. For that we have purchased a terrain of 7.5 ha of long untouched Mediterranean forest near Vimieiro in the municipality of Arraiolos (Portugal).

It is in the middle of nowhere and it is in the middle of nothing. That means that even basic needs like water and electricity were installed from scratch. We strive for a minimal environmental impact and try to be as authonomous as possible.

The Alentejo province of Portugal is a typical interior Iberian Peninsula environment. It is a largely agricultural and very open landscape. Within this environment there are still areas of untouched Mediterranean forest with many oak species and shrubs. It is within such a forest area that the camping site is situated, in a style that preserves the tranquillity and the feeling of being in the middle of nature. Therefore the concept of extensive camping has been chosen, which means that each guest has space around him. In the park there is space for 20 campers and a comfortable holiday home. At the reception, there is also a small visitors center with information about nature, the region and sustainability. We have made cycling and walking routes that are available to our guests and we provide suggestions to get to know the surroundigs historic and cultural richness.

Why the name “Bubulcus & Bolotas”

We are often asked where the name comes from. Here is why:

“When we were looking for a natural terrain where we could settle and build our dream, and after visiting many places, we ended up checking this place. It was December, the sun was shining, and all was green. We had to walk to get here as there was no road. The scent of the rock roses was everywhere, and we fell in love with the terrain. At that moment, a flock of Bubulcus ibis (cattle egret) flew by and the holm oaks were full of acorns (Bolotas in Portuguese).
We looked at each other and without talking we knew: we have found the place in nature where we want to pass the rest of our lives. And since then we called it Bubulcus & Bolotas.

-Tânia and Waldemar