Are we a match?

Match test – are we what you are looking for?

Welcome to our Match Test! : Do your holiday wishes match with what we have to offer?

Instead of “swipe right” to like or “swipe left” to dislike as in other popular apps, here you just have to choose the answer that fits you best. We can not garantee a full match, but who knows, in the end of this short quiz you might know for sure if you want to visit us. If you still have doubts, go through our website and contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.


Whoa! We are likeley a match for your holiday wishes!
You seem to be a nature lover and someone that seeks tranquillity. We offer you the opportunity to experience an intimate and authentic contact with nature, in a camping site with much individual space or in a comfortable holiday home, all founded on sustainability in all its aspects. Take a break. Contact us!  


Not a perfect macth!


7 or 6 matching answers?
It seems that your holiday wishes are not a perfect match with what we can offer you. Have a look at our webpage, read more about us, and discover if there is indeed a match possibilty. Do not hesitate asking us more questions, if you are in doubt.


5 or less matching answers?
You will probably not be happy at Bubulcus & Bolotas. It seems that your holiday wishes are far away from what we can offer you. This is a clear “swipe left” – no match. Nonetheless, we hope you had fun, and who knows what the future brings…




#1. Tranquility is important at the holiday site.

Our mission is to offer nature lovers and all those who seek tranquillity, the opportunity to experience an intimate and authentic contact with Nature. Therefore, and although the silence period is between 22h00 and 8h00, it is valued throughout the day.


#2. I like to be in the middle of nature.

We try to leave Nature as untouched as possible. Therefore, you are asked to camp on designated places only, minimizing soil compactation and allowing undisturbed areas for plants, bugs and all crawling animals that are supporting the all ecosystem here.


#3. Holidays are all about relaxing at the pool.

Indeed Bubulcus & Bolotas is not suitable for those with a poolside holiday in mind. The grounds, including the pool, are for the use of all our guests, respecting the privacy and space of each other.


#4. I separate waste also on holidays!

There are separate containers available for paper, glass, metal, plastic and other waste streams. These separated waste streams are transferred to the ‘Ecopontos’ (waste stations) of the municipality. At the entrance, there is also a compost bin, for the ones that want to make an extra contribution. Every action counts!


#5. I like to have holidays with friends.

The way Bubulcus & Bolotas is set up, with separate places to preserve silence, tranquility and privacy, is not suitable for receiving groups. You are better to come alone, with your partner or your family.


#6. Holidays are also to visit places and explore the region.

At 35 km distance lies the UNESCO world heritage city of Évora. It is worth a full day visit. Estremoz city, at 20 km, is known as the “white city” and it has the most fantastic Saturday morning market! The village of Arraiolos, also at 20 km, is famous for its tapestry. But there are many more cities worth a detour like Vila Viçosa, Monsaraz and Marvão.


#7. I am a bird watcher.

We have a field guide to help you discovered the biodiversity around. Also at the reception, there is a lot of information and we are always happy to share what we know. For the more experienced, the diversity and uniqueness of bird life make it very attractive for birdwatching.


#8. Could watch the stars in silence for hours!

Dark and clear nights make the place ideal for stargazing. Allow the eyes at least 15 minutes to get used to the dark, and get amazed at how much is out there to be seen.


#9. I like to go on organized activities/animation.

To help you get to know the surrounding area by car, on foot or by bicycle, we describe tours that are available from reception. They are designed to help you get in touch with the natural, historical and cultural wealth of the region. The discovery is yours!


#10. I know that we all need to save water.

Drinking water comes from a 312 m deep hole that was drilled in the granite rock. It is sterilized with UV light and no chemicals are added. The amount that we can pump up per day is limited. Therefore we ask all of our guests to save water. It is simple, if someone uses too much, there will be none for the others to come!