Breakfast basket

For that special day or simply to indulge in something different… Would you be interested in a breakfast basket? You have the option to choose between three vegan menus (6 € / person; subjected to availability; 8h00 – 10h00).

Because each item in our breakfast baskets is homemade with care and time, we kindly request that you contact us at least one day in advance to place your order.

Menu I – Wholemeal bread, Acorn muffin, Olive spread, Jam, Coffee and/or Tea, Juice (Vegan)

Menu II – Oat “yogurt” with fruit and jam, small wheat bread, Olive spread, Coffee and/or Tea, Juice (Vegan)

Menu III – Overnight oats with season fruits and seeds, Fresh season fruit, Coffee and/or Tea, Juice (Vegan)