Experience Nature with all Senses

A landscape -the visible features of an area of land- is what we are more aware of perceiving.
But our senses capture much more!

Enjoy the landscape, but also the natural soundscape and smellscape…

The natural ‘soundscape’ -the acoustic environment as perceived by humans- is here highly rich, diverse and seasonal. Dominated by birds, insects and amphibian sounds, is complemented by wind on the ground vegetation and in the tree canopy.

The natural ‘smellscape’ -the ensemble of smells in an area as perceived by humans- is an often neglected component on how we experience a certain envrionment. At Bubulcus & Bolotas the Cistus ladanifer essential oil aroma dominates. Seasonally, new smells are added to the bouquet, such as the ones originating from the wild oregano species or lavendula.

… and the tastes and textures

Bulbulcus & Bolotas is on woodland of holm oak (“montado de azinho”), long left untouched. You can discover the most common species at Bubulcus & Bolotas with the help of our field guide.

field guide of Bubulcus & Bolotas wildelife

The mediterranean landscape is an exceptional center of diversity, of species and habitats, but also one of the most threatend. Almost half of the species of flora and fauna listed in the Habitats Directive occur in the Mediterranean Region!